Great Danes Grooming

Great Danes is one of the dog breeds that has distinctive feature. This large dog is very famous since it has been represented well by the famous character Scooby Doo. The real Great Danes have various colors and some of them have color pattern fur.

Just like any other dog breeds, Great Danes require grooming to keep their fur healthy and in a good shape. Here are some basic tips to groom your Great Dane;


The need to clean and bathed your Great Dane is mostly based on the dog’s condition itself. If the dog’s condition is dirty or smell bad, then you should give your Great Danes a proper bath and make them clean again.

During cold season, you should avoid from bathing your Great Danes outdoor. And after you have finish bathing them, do not let the dog go outside where the temperature is cold until you have completely dry them of. This is to reduce the risk of your dog getting sick from the cold weather.

The Great Danes skin is quite sensitive. Therefore you need to choose the right shampoo that suit to their condition. Do not get tempted to use human shampoo to clean your Great Danes. Human shampoo can caused irritation to their skin.


You should make your Great Danes get used to be brushed since they were puppies. Therefore they will accustom with the brushing and make them feel comfortable for the next brushing time.

Brushing will help them to remove excess fur and prevent the fur from getting matted. Brushing will also help to eliminate dander from your Great Danes fur and skin, and prevent them piling up that can cause health problem in the future for your dog.


Check your Great Danes ear regularly and remove any wax and dirt inside their ear. You can use soft cotton ball to clean your dog ear. Do it gently and do not insert the cotton ball too far in to their ears.

Do not use Q-tip to clean your dog ear since it can damage your Great Danes ear drum. If you do not know how to do it, you can ask your vet to showed you how to clean your dog ear properly.


You need to trim your dog’s nail regularly to prevent the in-grown nail from your Great Danes. But, make sure that you do it properly because there are still a little blood vein in the back part of the nail. If you cut the nail too far, the vein could accidentally cut and causing some pain to your dog.

These are some basic grooming for your Great Danes that you can do it by yourselves at home. If you are too busy and do not have the spare time to do it, you can take your dog to groomer and let them groom your Great Danes for you.

A Good Cage For Your Hamster To Live In

Hamster Cages Basically hamsters are solitary animals. Hamsters require some amount of space just for themselves. In normal circumstances, they will not allow other hamster enter their space accept during mating season. Only the dwarf hamsters that is able to tolerate in sharing their living space with other hamsters. The dwarf hamsters are more social creature than the other types of hamsters.

The size of hamster cage is usually about a square foot, although they might be prefer for larger cage as their living space. Naturally they like to move around for miles everyday. The standard hamster cage may not sufficient to fulfill the hamster natural behavior, although it will be just fine for your hamster to live in.

 To make the cage become more comfortable for the hamster, you will need to put some wood pulp shavings that thick enough and other necessities for the hamster activity such as tubes, hamster wheel, water bottle and also some toys for the hamster to play with.

Hamsters are nocturnal animals, they become more active during the night and sleep during the day. It will be better if you have special place in the room or the house that is hidden from the sunlight where you can put their cage safely when they are sleeping during the day.

Hamsters are also natural diggers. In the wild, they can dig and build elaborate tunnels that can up to 30 feet long. This is why you need the wood pulp shaving layer at least 2 inches thick that enough for them to satisfy their natural instinct.

Most hamster cages are using solid plastic material for the bottom part and small lightweight metal bars for the upper part. You can also use medium size aquarium as their cage, so you can watch them freely.

But if you decide to use an aquarium for their cages, you must you clean it regularly and make sure to keep in check with the humidity level inside the aquarium. Hamsters prefer to live in relatively in a dry environment and dislike high humidity place.

The hamster owner need to check their hamster’s cage or aquarium regularly to make sure that the hamster cages does not has any unwanted holes. Hamster can easily squeeze their body through small hole and gaps and escape to outside the cage.

Do not use wood, cardboard or gypsum based cages for your hamsters. They can easily dig and chip it away to make a hole since they are basically a rodent animal. When the hole is big enough for their body to squeeze in, they will immediately escape from their cage.

Make sure that the wood shaving pulps and their bedding is safe for them. Some types of wood contain natural oil that can dangerous to their respiratory system such Cedar and some types of Pine. Make sure that the wood shaving pulps are completely dry, so they do not contain any natural oil left. If you want to use Pine wood for their bedding, make sure that you choose the palest type of pine wood to reduce the risk that the bedding contain natural oils that is harmful to your hamster’s health.

Remember you need to clean the hamster cage regularly at least once a week to make sure that the cage is safe for their health.

The Cute And Lovable Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire TerrierYorkshire Terrier is one of the cutest and entertaining dog as a pet. This small size dog breed is very adorable. Many people love the Yorkshire Terrier or Yorkies for short because of their size. The Yorkshire Terrier weight usually around 7 pounds, some of them might get a little more weight, while other will weight a little less.

Despite their small physical stature, the Yorkshire Terrier breed has great personality, very loyal to their owner and great courage that can exceed any larger dog breed. This dog breed is very smart and although they are tiny, the Yorkies have a great natural talent as a watch dog.

This small dog can become very fiercely when they are facing threat and unfriendly person, especially the one who approaching their owner. They rarely back down from anything that is coming to them.

They will become fully alert and prepare to stand their ground with the slightest suspicious noise, and ready to pursue the unfriendly. So, they make a great alarm system in your house. But, unfortunately this behavior can also bring them a lot of problems because they do not care about the danger of the threat could bring them harm.

Until these days, no one really sure about where the Yorkshire Terrier breed originate from. But, many people believe that this dog is originated from somewhere in the Britain. The Yorkies are classified as a part of the terrier group and believed often used to reduce the population of vermin such as rats.

Due to their tenacious or even hyperactive sometimes, many people thought that the Yorkshire Terrier is harder to train. But, this problem can be solved by consistency and perseverance when training them. It will be a lot better if you train them as early as possible when they are still young, so they can accustomed and more adapt to the training program.

They need to learn as soon as they can about what can be tolerate from their behavior and what is not. The Yorkshire Terrier is just like small children who will only do what they want and try to get away with it.

The Yorkshire Terrier furs can grow very long if you let them. Therefore, they need regular grooming, so their fur did not get entangled and hindrance their movement and activity.

But, many Yorkies owners are deliberately let the fur grow long and grooming it regularly, therefore the fur will stay silky smooth and shiny. This is usually happens for the Yorkies that are meant as the show Yorkshire Terrier that is often held in various dog show around the world. This maintenance requires a lot of time, effort and also money. So, the Yorkies owners need to have strong dedication and determination for this purpose.

Another great characteristic about the Yorkshire Terrier is that they can adapt to their environment easily, whether they live in the apartment in the city with small amount of space, or in suburb area where there are a lot of wide area.

The Yorkies are very energic that seem constantly moving around, but they also did not mind to stay still on your lap. With such great personality, any people who love dogs can easily get along with the Yorkshire Terrier.

Luxury Dog Boarding Service

Usually every dog owner does not want get separated from their beloved dog for a long time. But sometime because of their works and other personal activity, the dog owner must leave their dogs for several days.

To make sure that the dog is being taking care of properly, many dog owners will ask their friends, relatives or even hire a dog sitter to take care their precious canine until the dog owner has return. But for some dog owners who wouldn’t mind to spend their money for their dog, they will prefer to get luxury dog boarding for their pooch.

This way they will be sure that their dogs are “really “being taken care of while they’re gone. In this facility every dogs are getting pampered in the best service. The dog’s comfort, wellness and safety become top priority and major concern and performed by experience and dog loving staffs.

The luxury dog boarding kennels offered the best quality of services and facility, so their dog guests able to feel comfortable and relax despite in the foreign environment and being with strangers. Some of the basic services in these dog boarding kennels are;

Quality playtime with agility and exercise equipment to keep them in shape

Excellent foods with balance diet

Veterinary support from experienced staffs

First class room, completed with room service, housekeeping and furniture

Relaxing environment to make them feel relax and comfort

The cost for basic service could range starting from $30 per night to more than $100 per night, depending on the facility and the type of kennels that the dog owners choose. Many dog boarding facilities are also offered optional or extra service for their dog guests such as; extra activities, personalized foods and treats, grooming, training etc. Of course there are extra costs for each of these services.

For the dog owners who can afford these services, the price that they paid will be worth it compared to the sad feeling that their dogs experienced when they get separated with each other.