Vacation Trip with Your Pet I

Vacation Trip with Your PetVacation and travel with your pets should be doable since your pets are also an important member of your family. In US, there are around 70 million household who have pet. Around 20 million of them have the experience of traveling with their pets.

The good thing is, there are some hotels and vacation home rental that allowing people and pet owner to stay in their property. Here are some tips if you are planning to bring your pet with you on your vacation travel, these tips are can be use as preparation before taking on the vacation trip;

Check from reservation if pets are allowed in the hotel or home rental. If the hotel that you want to stay in has its own website, you can easily find out if they are allowing their guess pets to stay in the hotel. This is much faster proses compare than asking verbally to the customer service since there are many possibility of miscommunication and misunderstanding.

Find out if your pet is allright with the long journey. You can find out by taking them to short trip with your car and see their behavior if they are relax with the journey or restless. If they are not accustom with the journey, you can start teach them by taking in the car for short distance and making them comfortable with their favorite toys, treats, and bring someone along to play with them and gradually increase the distance of the trip with your pets.

Secure the pets on journey. You must make sure that your pets will be safe during their travel. If you are traveling with your pet using your car, you can equip the car with safety harness or bought the vehicle barrier, so your pet will stay at the rear of your car.

Pet’s identification tag. Pet owner must anticipate about what should be done if their pet is lost accidentally when they are on their vacation. Pet owner must make sure that their pets are wearing ID tag that is stating your pet identity such as name, the owner’s name, contact number and if possible the hotel where they are staying.

Bring the pet’s photograph on the vacation. This will help the identification encase the pet went missing during the vacation. Using photograph will be simpler rather than explain it in verbal.

Consult with the vet. Check with the vet about the trip that you are going to with your pet. Find out if your pet will need special vaccination and information to prevent disease from the vacation location or during the traveling. This is to ensure that your pet will stay healthy during traveling, vacation and after the vacation.

Find out about the regulation about bringing pet to the destination country. Encase you are traveling overseas, you will need clear information about the rules and regulation on bringing animal from outside your destination country such as quarantine, administration, or rabies vaccination. You can get this information from your travel agent and also from your vet.

Chinchilla, a Cute and Entertaining Pet

ChinchillaChinchilla or also known as Chins is one of the rodent families that can make a great pet. They are perfect for busy person or children since they require less attention compare to the large animal, although you may need to supervise your chil­­­dren when they are interact with this animal since children can easily hurt this very docile and small animal.

They have small body as mouse or hamster with beautiful fur with distinct ears and squirrel like tail. This animal does not have nail or claw, so you will be sure that they would not scratch you or your furniture. Chinchilla is a nocturnal animal, although they can also active during the day.

This small and cute animal is quite playful and smart. Unlike the usual caged animal, chinchilla is very clean, therefore their living area would not get stink as other caged animal.

You can easily find their food in many pet stores. The chinchilla food usually comes in the form of pellet. One of their favorite foods is the raisin. Pet owner can give them a raisin everyday for additional nutrition.

This small creature also likes to clean themselves by taking a dust bath. So, the owner will need to provide special chinchilla dust which they can bought in the pet store, so their chinchilla can clean themselves every few days. Watching them taking a dust bath is quite entertaining as they roll around in the dust box.

One of the unique features from chinchilla is that they have quite long life span. The adult chinchilla can live up to more than 20 years. When it keep as a single pet, chinchilla can easily get attach and bonded with their owner. But, if the owner decides to purchase a pair of chinchillas, this animal will be less bonded with the owner since they will be more bonded to their pair.

So, if you want to keep your chinchilla closely bonded to you, it will be better to keep them as a single rather than a pair.

Daily necessity of Domesticated Rabbits Care II


Domesticated rabbits are loved to be touch by human. So, grooming these rabbits can be done easily. This activity also will improve your bonding with your rabbits. Normally, the fur will shed every three months. This will help the owners to help their rabbits to remove the excess fur.

Rabbits usually are healthy animal that can clean themselves. They are able to groom themselves by swallowing their excess fur. But unlike cat, rabbit cannot vomit the fur that they swallow.


A proper rabbit cage should big enough for them to move around inside the cage. For their daily activity, it will be better if they have enough space for their living area and to put their necessities such as toys, water container, litter box and also an area which is comfortable for them to be.

If the owners would like to restrain their rabbits in the specific area, owners must make sure that the cage is tall enough so their rabbits will not jump over the cage and escape.

Spay or neuter

Other than to control their population and prevent pseudo-pregnancies, there are some benefits from this process. Neuter will help to control male rabbit behavior since the aggression related hormone will be reduced, so the rabbits will be less aggressive. For female rabbits, spay can help to reduce the risk of ovarian cancer that often happen to rabbits that does not get spayed.

These processes are not dangerous and have minimum risk, especially if it is conducted by professional vet.

Rabbit proofing

As their natural behavior, rabbits like to chew almost anything. This activity is also relieving them from boredom. So, owners need to remove or add some bite proof extra cover to any object that is dangerous if it gets chew by their rabbits such as electric wire and cords, furniture, carpets, papers and many others. Keep chew toys near the rabbit so they can play and satisfying their chewing habit.

So, other than protecting the domesticated rabbits from hurting themselves because of their natural behavior, owners will also protect their belonging from getting bitten and damage by their rabbits.

Daily necessity of Domesticated Rabbits Care


A domesticated rabbit need a balanced diet. It can consist of rabbit pellets from the pet store, fresh vegetables, hay and also constant fresh water. The water for the domesticated rabbit needs to be change everyday. The lack of water can make the rabbit reluctant to eat. You will also need to wash the water container when you change the water inside the container.

Rabbit’s owner should control the amount of treats such as carrots, bananas or other fruits that is given for their rabbits. Rabbits love sweet foods and keep on eating it and damage their diets.

Owners must not let their rabbits to eat candy such as chocolate or sweets. These foods will increase the amount of bad bacteria in their stomach and can cause enterotoxemia that is lethal for the domesticated rabbits.


It is very important for rabbit owners to pay attention if there are any abnormalities in their rabbits. Although rabbit is a healthy animal, they can get some digestive illness and also other dangerous diseases that are lethal to them.

The easiest way to check the rabbit’s health is through their dropping. A healthy rabbit’s dropping is small, dry and round shape, although sometime their dropping will be in clusters. So, owners must check their dropping once a while to see if there is abnormality in them such as less and or smaller dropping.

The owner must also check their rabbit’s condition to see if there is any abnormal behavior such as teeth grinding or losing their appetite. Owners should go to the vet to check on their rabbits if the owners notice these symptoms.


To keep your house clean, it will be better if the rabbits can use the litter box. The owners need to replace and clean the litter box everyday. The owner must avoid using litters that are made from cedar or pine shavings.

These materials are containing natural oils that can damage the rabbits respiratory system and can causing liver disease. It will be better if the owner choose hay or cellulose litter which is safer for their rabbits.


To improve the rabbit’s health, they will need to exercise which is in the form of play time. The exercise will help rabbits to improve their blood circulation, improve their muscle and reduce the risk of fragile bone since they have rather small and light bones.

Rabbits are very active at dusk and dawn. This is the best time for them to get an exercise. For this purpose you can give them toys to keep them physically active during those times. You can either purchase rabbit toys from the pet shop or you can make them yourselves using cardboard, paper, clothes and many other safe material.