Preparation to Keep Clown Loaches in Your Home

Preparing the aquarium

To keep the clown loaches in your home, you will need to prepare the right aquarium size at least 20 gallon or more. You need to know that despite their small size, this fish will grow and if you have several clown loaches you will need at least 125 gallon aquarium.

Use fine gravel or sand for the bottom of aquarium, so the clown loaches are able to dig just like in their natural habitat. Putting the water plant in your aquarium is also useful. The plant will reduce the amount of light that enter the aquarium. The clown loaches are preferred to live in a dim environment, so your clown loaches will be more active in your aquarium.

But, if you decide to put some water plant you need to pay attention to the clown loaches age. For the aquarium with juvenile fish, you can put almost any water plant species. But, for the aquarium with adult clown fishes, you can only use hard plants species such as Anubias or Java fern. This is because the adult clown loaches will eat and destroy soft type of plants.

Clown loaches also like to hide in narrow and tight place that barely fit their body. So, if you are new in raising this fish, you do not need to be worry if you see that your clown loaches seem stuck in small hole or place, it is just their natural behavior.

So, instead of worrying, you can add some (not too many dough) additional hiding place in your aquarium by using various materials that are safe for them such as, rocks, PVC pipes, woods and any other materials. But, you need to choose it carefully to make sure that the hiding place material is safe for the clown loaches for an example, the hiding place must not have any sharp edge on their material.

Since this fish is highly sensitive with the water quality, you must install good filtration system and equipment for your aquarium. You are also need to make sure that on your aquarium is sealed properly since Clown loaches like to jump over the water surface.


Since this fish is carnivores, you need to make sure that you feed them with the food that suit to their diet. They are only eat plants or vegetable to complete the nutrition in their diet. You can feed them 3 to 5 times everyday, so they can grow properly. The clown loaches are the type of fish that grow slowly.

Other than the fish food that you can buy on the fish or pet store, you can also try to give them other type of food that suit to their carnivore feature such as shrimps, small slice of meat, insects, snail and many other.

Try to observe your clown loaches after you give them other type of food. If you can hear them making clicking sound after they eat the food that is mean that they are satisfy with the food that you gave them. This way you will able to identified their favorite food, so you can pamper them whenever you like it.

Some Health Aspects about Clown Loaches

As we all have known from the previous post, the clown loach is a very sensitive fish. They are easily affected with the aquarium’s water quality. Most of the fish can easily sick or even die suddenly when the water quality got worsen. Therefore, it will be better if the owner can change at least 25% of the aquarium’s water every week, so you will be able to maintain the water quality and support the clown loaches health.

With their sensitivity toward the water quality, many people refer this fish as an indicator fish. This is because the clown loaches health is the reflection of the overall aquarium condition. Every owner, especially for beginners should also know that this fish is also cannot tolerance chlorine. They can easily die if there is chlorine in the water even if it is only for small amount of it.

Clown loaches can also getting ick easily when the water quality is drop. Therefore, every clown loaches owner must monitor their condition everyday. When you notice that your clown loaches are sick, you must use the minimum requirement of the medicine since this fish is also sensitive toward salts and ick medicines, otherwise you will end up killing all of the clown loaches that you have in the aquarium.

Choosing the Healthy Clown Loaches for Your Aquarium

Clown LoachesOne of the most famous aquarium fish these days is the Clown loaches. This fish is originated from Indonesia, especially in Borneo and Sumatra region. The majority of Clown loaches in the market are catch from the wild. And then the fishes are distributed to the market and consumers around the world.

One of the most unique features from this fish is that Clown loaches like to rest on their side at the bottom of aquarium. For people who do not know about this fish usually will assume that the fish is dead. If the fish is really dead, then they would be floating on their side on the water surface.

If you are interested with this beautiful fish, you need to know that this is a high maintenance fish. They can catch ick easily and very sensitive with the aquarium water conditions. So, the first thing that you have to do when buying Clown loaches for your aquarium is to find the healthy fish from the store.

Here are some tips to choose the healthy Clown loaches for your aquarium;

See the overall the fish store’s condition. Check the store’s aquarium conditions such as the water cleanliness and if there is any dead or sick fish. If there is some problems in some of the aquarium there is a big chance that some of their fishes are unhealthy and in a bad condition. You should only choose from the fish stores that taking care their aquarium in a proper maintenance.

Check the Clown loaches condition. You can find out the Clown loaches condition according to their color. The healthy fish will have clear and solid color while the stressed or unhealthy Clown loaches have fade and pale color. So, you must only get the fish with the distinct color on their body.

The Clown loaches are fed properly. Check the fish’s body and see if the clown loaches are fed properly. Ask directly to shopkeepers on the feeding schedule for the fish. If the clown loaches did not fed properly, they tend to get sick easily and it will be difficult to make them regain their health again. As a matter a fact there is high chance that the fish will be dead not long after you bought it.

Is the fish active? A healthy fish is very active and able to move fast, usually it would be hard to catch without a net.

Fishes hiding place. Does the aquarium in the store have hiding place for the fish? This place is use by the clown loaches to relieve their stress, so the fish in the aquarium that has hiding place will be healthier and has higher quality than the fish that do not has hiding place.

Buy the fish that has medium to large size. Smaller clown loaches (less than 2 inches) are more sensitive to their surrounding environment, so it will be more difficult to taking care of them unless you are experienced well enough in taking care of the small size Clown loaches.

Buy more than 2 fishes. This fish is a schooling fish that would prefer to stay in group. If you only keep one they will be stress out and die fast. So, you will need to buy a group of Clown loaches at least 3 fishes at one time.

After you have bought the Clown loaches and take it to your home, you should not completely remove them from the bag to your aquarium. Let the fish stay in the bag while put the bag in the aquarium and let it float around 10 minutes.

And then add water into the bag from the aquarium little by little so the fishes will get use and adapt to the aquarium water. After the bag is full with the aquarium water, you can fully release the Clown loaches to the aquarium.

Preventing Lyme Disease Infecting Your Pet

Lyme disease is very common to happen in pets. Our pets can easily get lyme disease when they have been bitten by a tick that has been infected with this disease. Fortunately, lyme disease can be treated by using antibiotics. This is because the source of this disease comes from bacteria.

But, unfortunately it will take quite long time for your pet to be completely cured from lyme disease by using antibiotics. The antibiotics treatment can become less effective if the disease has already infected your pet for a long time.

To solve this situation, the veterinarian often switch to different antibiotics to find out which antibiotics that suit better for your pet’s condition. The worse part in lyme disease is that this disease can infected your pets again if other tick with the lyme disease bacteria is biting your pets again even if your pets already cured from previous lyme disease.

Therefore, it will be wise for pet owner to prevent the lyme disease from infecting their pet rather than only treating it. Tick control is the best option when preventing the lyme disease. Since their size is so small, tick can hide in various places and waiting the chance to ambush any large warm body whether it is human or animal.

Let’s face it, it would be nearly impossible to prevent your pets become dirty from playing and their activity. So, you need to keep your pets clean every time they become dirty by grooming and bathing them to remove ticks that might present. These days, there are many products that help you to kill or remove any ticks from your pet’s body.

Dog’s or cat’s owner can comb their pet every time their cats or dogs are playing from outside. They also check their pet’s skin to see if there is any tick on their pet’s skin. This might take some time, especially if your pet has long fur. But, this prevention is worth it compare than the hassle that caused by the tick.

If you are able to spot a tick on your pet’s skin, you must to take it out immediately. This can be done easily with your fingernails or tweezers. Try not to squeeze the tick too much before you remove the tick from your pet away. If the tick is squashed before you take it away from your pet, the tick’s body fluid will fall on your pet’s skin or even yourselves. And then the bacteria inside the tick’s body fluid can still infected your pet.

After you have removed the tick from your pets away, then you can kill it and make sure that it is dead.