Beginers Tips To Take Care Your Rabbit

Take Care Your RabbitChoosing a rabbit to be your house pet is a good idea. Rabbits are very lovable which is why they are one of the most popular pets these days. If you are deciding to adopt one, you need to know how to take care of them first. It would be necessary to know the important factors regarding rabbit care to make sure that these animals are not harmed and that they could also live healthy for a long time. Knowing how to take good care of your pet rabbit should always be the first step for beginners.

Research – The easiest thing to do is searching the web for tips and valuable information about rabbits. The internet contains a lot of precious information so you need to take advantage of it. An alternative way to do research is to read books or magazines. There are a lot of publications out there which deals about pet care. Make sure to at least understand all the important information that you have gathered so that you will know what to do if you already have a pet rabbit. Start with basic information about rabbits and work your way to other related topics.

Expert’s Advice – Seek the help of a professional when it comes to rabbit care. Visiting a veterinarian would be a great idea so that you can solicit tips and ask questions on how to properly take care of a rabbit. Only the experts know about all the important information that you would need about rabbit care so do not hesitate to ask for help from one. It is also the experts that could help you in the future if your pet gets sick or needs something that you could not provide at home.

Be Ready – Adopting a rabbit is only the start so you need to be ready to help your pet grow normal and healthy. Make sure you free up some of your time everyday to take care of your rabbit. Among the things that you need to be ready to do on a regular basis or as scheduled are feeding, grooming, and even playing with your rabbits. Much like human beings, rabbits also need attention and they could feel bad if they are bored as they could also feel alone or lonely at times. There are a lot of rabbit needs that you need to be ready for.

What You Must Not Do – there are also things that you must not do to your rabbit. First of all, you need to know that they should not be submerged in water. You do not give them a bath since they get stresses when they get wet. Anyway, you won’t have a problem with not giving them a bath since they know how to keep themselves clean. Other things to avoid are noise and sudden movements. Rabbits get scared easily so you need to avoid loud music or anything that would scare them. They get stresses if they get scared and they could get sick in the process.

Maintenance – Rabbits are not that easy to maintain so you must be up for the task if you are to adopt one. You would need to groom them, clean their habitat, and bring them to the veterinarian, among others. You would also need to buy some things that your rabbit could use such as grooming tools and toys.

Understanding Our Pets Behavior

Pets BehaviorBehavior can be a huge issue with our pets. If each dog and cat owner in the United States took the time to understand the root of their animals behavioral issues, our animal shelters would be substantially less populated with strays.

Around sixty percent of animals in shelters are there simply because of various behavioral problems. When cats start scratching furniture and dogs begin barking continually, it is quite natural to say to ourselves: I didn’t sign up for this. In some cases a pet’s behavioral problems can be entirely or almost entirely health related.

In some other cases they can simply be a product of our own mistakes as owners. When all is said and done, who would really want to use a litter box that has not been cleaned in several weeks?

Before you do anything else you must overcoming our pets’ behavioral problems by using our imaginations to get into their minds and to try to understand the world through their eyes. Then we may actually see that we ask an awful from our pets. First of all, we put them into a human-created environment and then expect them to simply forget their wildness and behave in ways that suit only us.

Many of the things that we teach our animals go against their nature. We sometimes ask our cats to relieve themselves into small trays when it is only natural for them to do so anywhere in their territory. And we discourage our dogs from barking at our guests or passerby when it is they are just trying to communicate with strangers who are entering their environment.

If it is not stress or some kind of illness, then we should look at ourselves as owners: are we asking our dogs and cats to behave in ways which are totally impossible under the circumstances that we have provided for them? For example, are we asking our cats to use litter boxes that we rarely even clean?

Or are we asking them to keep their paws off the couch when we have provided nothing else for them to scratch for the long hours in which we are gone? Are we asking our dogs to defer their whole worlds to us, while all we offer in return is a few hours a day of our aloof presence sprinkled with paltry playtime and affection?

Raising a Goldfish

Raising a GoldfishDid you know that under the right conditions and proper care your goldfish can live up to 10 years? But unfortunately most of them are never make it past the first year! If you want your goldfish to live long and healthy lives, you’ve got to provide the proper environment.

It’s a common misconception that a goldfish can live in a tiny bowl. In order for him to survive for any length of time, you’ll need to do frequent water changes and cleanings of the bowl – that’s a lot of work and living in a bowl isn’t much fun so it’s best to keep your fish in a regular tank with a proper filtration system.

The size of your tank depends on how many goldfish you want to keep in it. A good rule of thumb is to allocate about 7 gallons of water per fish, so if you want 5 goldfish a 35 gallon tank is recommended. It’s better to keep fish in a long tank that has plenty of surface to air space as goldfish like to have a lot of oxygen in their water. A tall hexagon shaped tank won’t be the best tank for these fish.

Goldfish like their water to be a little on the cool side – between 65 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit so in most cases a heater is not necessary. You should, however have a thermometer in the tank and take the appropriate measures if the temperature gets above 72 degrees as higher temperatures can make your fish more susceptible to disease. Bear in mind that most other tropical fish like their water on the warm side, so you will have to be careful what fish you put in the tank with your goldfish.

Provide the goldfish tank with a filtration system that is appropriate for the size of the tank. If you are keeping the fancy tailed goldfish, don’t use a system that will provide too much current as this can make it difficult for them to swim around. You’ll also want to provide periodic water changes as you should with any tank.

One of the main reasons that fish become sick is due to poor water quality. To keep your goldfish healthy, make sure you provide the filtration and water changes but also be careful about overcrowding and overfeeding. Too many fish or too much decaying food and waste will cause the water in your tank to become toxic to your fish.

Keeping goldfish can be a wonderful hobby and with minimal work, you can get a tank up and keep it running with healthy fish.

Identifying Your Rabbit Pet’s Diseases

Rabbit HealthCaring and keeping rabbits as a pet is a rewarding and fun task, but it is also tedious. Apart from ensuring you give them quality and nutritious foods, you need to be sure that you monitor their health always to avoid the onset of diseases and illnesses.

As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to take care of them to ensure that your rabbits are in the best of health. The primary concern of pet owners is the diseases they might get, and ways of preventing them. This article details the common diseases that rabbits have and how best to treat them.

Here are some common diseases that can be encountered by your pet rabbits:

Colds – Like human beings, rabbits get colds too. Similar to humans, their symptoms also include runny nose and sneezing. Even though colds are not that serious, you should place the affected rabbits in separate cage because colds are communicable and can be transmitted to other rabbits. Most often, colds lasts for several days and can be cured on its own without medical intervention.

Fungal diseases – Fungi infection is a communicable and transmissible diseases which can be spread from rabbits to human beings. Thus it is best to bring your pets to the veterinarian for immediate medical intervention. Fungal diseases usually affect younger rabbits and it is characterized by the loss of their fur.

Coccidiosis – It is a type of disease which is contracted by licking their dirty fur and drinking and eating contaminated food. This disease is generally attributed to poor sanitation and cage maintenance. If you do not want your rabbits to die of premature death, then you should clean their cages twice or thrice weekly. The common symptoms of coccidiosis include abrupt weight loss, diarrhea and slouching or hunched sitting position. It can be treated by incorporating coccidiostat on their food. If you believe that your rabbit has coccidiosis and you do not know how to treat it, be sure to bring it immediately to your veterinarian for immediate medication.

Heat stroke – If you notice that your rabbit is panting heavily and it is lying at full length, then your rabbit has heat stress. If you notice signs of heat stress, be sure to place its cage in the shade or in places with lower temperature and place a bottle of frozen water near the cage. Be sure to have a bottle of frozen water ready in your freezer because it comes in handy when such cases arise.

Red water- It is a type of disease wherein the urine of your rabbit turns reddish due to feeding rabbits with too many green veggies, and the cold temperature. To address the problem, it is suggested to give the rabbit plenty of water to drink, minimize feeding your pet with green veggies and to keep it in warm area. Be sure to observe for a couple of days for any improvements on its condition, otherwise bring it to the veterinarian immediately.

Ear Cankers- It is a case wherein you see small mites on the ears of your rabbits, causing it to have crusts on its outer edge. You will also notice that your rabbits will constantly scratch their ears as they are bothered by the mites. To appease the situation, put some canker lotion on their ears and clean their cage fully to eliminate the mites living in their cage.

These suggestions and ideas will guide you in case your rabbit experiences some of the diseases mentioned above.